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I don’t generally think I’m a brain in a vat, or a computer simulation. But reading news about the shortage of carbon dioxide to sustain industries that are perpetuating carbon dioxide emissions, is making me wonder.

Love this account by the fabulous @CocoaRunners of how the development of white chocolate was connected to the Dutch and their beards. #chocolate

Delighted to be one of the signatories to this massive open letter launched today, calling on the UN General Assembly to start work on a #FossilFuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. It's an idea whose time has come. Time to get cracking.

So @JohnLewisRetail you don’t sell plastic bags now but gladly sell this artificial grass which is a environmental and biodiversity disaster. It contributes to #plasticpollution and #ClimateCrisis

Human-caused warming has led to an “almost complete loss of stability” in the system that drives Atlantic Ocean currents, a new study has found — raising the worrying prospect that this critical aquatic “conveyor belt” could be close to collapse

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