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A hollowing trunk is a natural process and it’s not necessarily a sign of an ailing tree. The centre of the #tree is deadwood which is slowly decayed by fungi. The fungi is perfectly happy in the deadwood and very rarely, if at all, will touch the living sapwood! #WednesdayWisdom

Why are so many species on the brink of #extinction? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...

@Team4Nature @dtdchange @NCS_catalyst @RewildingB #ClimateBreakdown #NaturalClimateSolutions

Thrilled. Back at @hayfestival, May 29. New, strange #tree stories. Just got the images together. The uncool part of me wants to shout, "Look, look, they said 'By popular demand'"!! Do come. #80trees @LaurenceKingPub #science #history #books

Kelly Grovier and I talk art on Wednesday evening in London. Join us!

My heart gave a little leap today when I saw the @ObserverUK interview with Richard Powers re #theoverstory. Thank you! And of course he's so right about @RobGMacfarlane #trees @WoodlandTrust #80trees

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