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Here's a lovely thing. #Chocolate tasting kit and virtual session from the fabulous @ChelsPhysicGdn and the delightful @CocoaRunners #lockdownlearning

Perhaps the overlap is that at their best, both groups want to heal the world, albeit with very different tactics...

Join @bgci's @MopaneSmith and others in a virtual event exploring a botanist’s rules of engagement in a rapidly changing world.

🗓 14 January
🕐 8:30 AM PST
👉 Register now:

#Biodiversity2020 #worldbiodiversityforum

#lockdown seems like such an ugly word. A beastly import I shouldn't wonder. Perhaps we need something more suitably euphemistic, understated and well...British? I offer #cosytime, #continuoussteatime and #snuggledown for starters. Other ideas?

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