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Talks & interviews

Here are my four TED talks. Watch me go greyer over the years…


This one is about misconceptions in science. (I have a Visiting Professor role in this area at the University of Bristol):


Pollen is such odd stuff. A story of plant sex and forensic science:


The Millennium Seed Bank run by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew at its site in Sussex, south of England is the centre of a world network of seed collection, storage and regeneration… and the science is fascinating:


An exploration of the sex-life of plants and how flowers encourage , (or fool), go-betweens to do their bidding. After doing this talk, I was recognised in the street in Calgary and Dublin as ‘seed guy’. Two of my most life-affirming moments for which I will be ever-grateful.


And here’s a link to a talk I did for TEDxHousesofParliament, in the UK: The Road to Subtle Tyranny

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