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Welwitschia mirabilis (Welwitschia)

  • Henschel, JR, Wassenaar, TD, Kanandjembo, A, et al. Roots point to water sources of Welwitschia mirabilis in a hyperarid desert. Ecohydrology. 2019; 12:e2039.
  • W. Wetschnig, B. Depisch, Pollination Biology of Welwitschia mirabilis Hook. f. (Welwitschiaceae, Gnetopsida), Phyton (Horn, Austria) Vol. 39 Fasc. 1 167-183 20 Aug 1999
  • Gillian A. Cooper-Driver, Welwitschia mirabilis – A Dream Come True, Arnoldia, (Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University), Summer 1994

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